February 18, 2019

Kobo Customer Service


If you have a problem with your new or old Kobo device, we’re here to help! You can call our Kobo customer service free of charge 24/7 and get live remote assistance to solve the problem permanently. With our premium Kobo technical support service, you don’t have to wait in the queue! We will answer your call and put you in touch with an expert to diagnose the problem, take permission to connect to the Kobo device and immediately sort the root cause. This is the Kobo Books help page where most customers start when they have a customer service issue, as well as information on how long useful responses will be running and how to find help for your specific problem. Kobo Books has a page or online support service for customer service, but you can also call them by phone. In total, you can communicate with Kobo Books using 3 different media: phone, web, email. And again, if you don’t realize it was an option and you’d rather talk to someone, you can actually call them.

Kobo customer service can be contacted through the toll-free number. Customers may need to enter certain personal information to continue their application. The main contact methods of the Kobo customer support team are online and over the phone. We provide the best Kobo technical support service and have a huge customer support experience. Our help Kobo believes in providing the best technical support services.

 Phone : 1-855-732-3662

 Average Wait: 25 seconds. 24 hours, 7 days.

Independent Support :  (Talk to human)

For online help:  https://www.kobo.com